August 14, 2019

Itching During Meditation.


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Over the last couple years, I have worked hard to practice the principles you teach and I have subsequently reaped many rewards. One thing I have never been very good at though is meditating. I used to have constant racing thoughts and was never able to concentrate. I have been practicing every day and my mind is becoming quiet but now, I get itchy all over about halfway through my meditation, which takes me out of my quiet place. What is my body trying to tell me and do you have any advice as to how to work through it?


During meditation, as the mind experiences deeper levels of abstraction, the body is getting a more profound degree of physiological rest. This allows the body to release whatever stored stress or conditioning  that it needs to in order to heal. This physical normalization can take many forms, including itching, and it will last until the underlying stress has been released. 

If the itching has lasted for some time and is quite strong, then use some body lotion  beforehand to calm  your skin. Or you can take a bath with oatmeal first and then meditate. If some itching returns during meditation, the way to handle it is to simply continue meditating without effort, not minding about the itching sensation. Whenever your attention is drawn out to the itching, gently return to your mantra.

 If it’s too intense, then rub the itching  area a little and see if that is enough for you be able to return to the mantra. That should be enough for most situations. If for some reason  the itching continues to be unbearable, and you have to keep scratching, then go ahead and scratch and meditate as best you can until the end of the meditation. Even though the moving and scratching keeps you from going as deep as you would otherwise,  you are still getting some important benefit from the meditation. And eventually the stress causing the itching will be cleared and you will be able to resume a more sedate meditation routine.



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