July 9, 2024
Ask Deepak

Is there a way to control our emotions during our awakening?.


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“Since awakening my life took a complete turn around and I found myself on the journey of spirituality. 

For the past 4 years, I’ve been going through a purification process, or what some call the dark night of the soul, and although a lot of clearing and rearranging has taken place, I haven’t received the guidance I had upon awakening which I take to mean there is more “time” yet. 

I’m messaging you as when I first started to look into spirituality, I started meditating consistently for a couple of years and ended up dropping those practices as I felt they were causing me more damage than good, due to the fact I was trying to establish realization which had already established itself. 

So I tried just sitting, allowing my attention to flow wherever and remain the witness, but then it’s like it all starts coming thick and fast and it’s like I speed up the process maybe too fast. 

I hope this all makes sense but what I’m asking is, is there nothing I can do to handle the turbulence and the powerful emotions that come with awakening? 

Is it more of a case of just embracing the process without practices or techniques?”


Awakening begins with a clear understanding that our true self is unlimited, ever-present, and independent of the changing qualities of the mind and body. 

But that understanding is just the tip of the iceberg of the full awakening which requires us to bring that understanding into our experience and feeling of our body. 

This process of aligning your understanding with the feelings and sensations in your body is the experience of purification you are referring to. 

This is also what manifests as turbulent emotions that arise when you are sitting in silence. 

Bear in mind that your presence of awareness is like a screen on which all the events, experiences, and feelings are projected. 

No matter how turbulent or active these experiences are, they can never affect your true self, just as the images of a movie can never disturb or influence the screen. 

If you allow your awareness to remain knowingly as this consciousness, then the turbulence you are presently experiencing will no longer disturb or confuse you. 

And the alignment of your knowledge of your true self into your body that is driving this purification will proceed more smoothly and efficiently.



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