May 8, 2024
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Is meditation all we need?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“Do you believe that meditation is everything one needs to practice to live a fulfilling life towards self-realization? 

Going deep inside yourself through meditation and making your nervous system free from stress, day after day, is all that necessary? 

No need for any sort of additional therapy, such as counseling, psychoanalysis, life coaching, etc. (except in cases of a psychiatric nature)?”


The experience of our essential nature gives us the basis for our self-realization, but we also need to take steps to incorporate and integrate that experience/understanding into our daily life so that it becomes a practical and real state of consciousness that functions effectively. 

Enlightenment isn’t a withdrawal from life, relationships, and career. 

Self-realization is living life to our full potential. 

To stabilize and integrate the experience of the unlimited self we have in meditation, we need a process to interpret experience and ripen it into the fullness of enlightenment. 

Traditionally this process has meant guidance from those who have already walked the path. 

Nowadays this guidance can come from many different sources, including counseling, or life coaching. 

However, this process of integration is not an exercise of psychological health. 

We are shifting our base of identity from the ego mind to the true self, so psychoanalysis, cognitive therapy, or any mental therapies will not reach that. 

But they can have some ancillary benefit for some people to get past a particular issue that is holding them back. 

Ultimately the spiritual guidance we follow is the guidance that comes from our own Being, our wise self that leads us to who we need to learn from, what we need to learn, and when we need to hear it. 

Our job is to be open, fearless, and alert for those opportunities and take them when they arise.



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