May 24, 2024
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Is it normal to want to leave our normal lives when we become a yoga teacher?.


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“I had an unexpected and unplanned opportunity to enroll in a yoga teacher training course a few months ago. 

I jumped in at the opportunity and have never looked back. 

It was like the chapter was written for me and my character had to jump in to complete the story. 

My entire perspective of life is changing as I learn more and more each week. 

I will be completing the course next month. 

But, what I have been noticing is that the more and more I dwell in the world of yoga, the more and more I feel that I am going farther away from the “normal” world. 

Normal feels alien to me nowadays and I feel that there is something greater and nobler beyond this weak normal. 

At this point, Idol worship seems unnecessary. 

Celebrating festivals seems unnecessary and a waste of energy and time. 

What is the point in doing all of these activities when you are becoming aware that these are not what will lead you to realize The Truth? 

Service to others will and that is where the mind keeps going.

People around can sense the difference too. 

Some days, I think, if attaining the state of Samadhi/enlightenment or learning the truth is the ultimate reason that we are born here, then what are we doing pursuing so many other activities/desires that are basically taking our time away from our search for the truth? 

Karma, you will say. 

But, Is this why some people just drop everything and walk out, ‘searching for the truth?’

Is this a normal phase of stepping onto the yogic path?”


The ease with which you have moved into the “world of yoga” shows that you were ready to grow beyond the limits of your old life, so it’s no surprise that the old, normal life may now feel odd or alien now. 

Your passion to go straight to the truth without getting distracted by other activities and desires is admirable. 

That is the path of gyana yoga or the path of knowledge. 

But what you may not realize yet is that there are different paths to the truth for different types of people. 

The path of action/service is karma yoga, and the path of love and devotion is bhakti yoga. 

For those people their path is just as fast, and as direct a path to the truth as the path you have found. 

And as we travel further down our path we re-enchant our old normal life with joy, beauty, and vitality.



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