May 23, 2024
Ask Deepak

Is it normal to experience nothing during meditation?.


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“I hear many people speaking of wonderful things they see or experience in meditation like lights and colors or certain images. 

When I meditate, however, I see NOTHING. 

Tell me Deepak…am I doing anything wrong? 

What do they do to see those things?”


My Response:

You are not doing anything wrong at all. 

The truth is there is nothing spiritual or deep about seeing pretty colors or images in meditation. 

They are just thoughts produced by the mind. Your real self is not a thought, not a feeling, and not a thing. 

That is why your report of seeing “nothing” in meditation is actually as profound an experience of yourself as any vision of golden shimmering angels. 

Pure awareness is colorless, transparent, silent, and ordinary. 

All those experiences of color etc., are just the physical release or by-product of the nothing experience of the self recognizing itself. 

Sometimes that experience has an effect on the body or mind, and sometimes it doesn’t.  

Either way, the mental content of meditation is not important.

What really matters is whether your overall life is better after meditating. 

That’s how you know you are meditating right and getting the benefit of growing self-awareness.



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