April 13, 2019

Interpreting Synchronicity in Relationships.


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Good afternoon, I would like to tell you a brief about something that is happening to me in this moment, but first, I want to apologize about m y English because my native language is Spanish, I come from Venezuela.
I am 37 years old, divorced, and a beautiful girl. Since I have divorced I have never been married again, but I would like to… I´ve been trying to find a partner but until now I don´t have… In July, I registered on an internet page to find a man. I met some men, but I met one that I have had communication with him until now. We have been chatting about 6 month and using a web cam. He is from France, we have a lot of common things, our thoughts are the same, when he feels something I feel the same. In fact, one day he was sick, and I was sick too. The other day he sent me a picture and I realized that he was dressing in the same color shirt as mine. Another day he could not sleep, like me! We have the same dreams, and so on, and some many coincidences.

We are planning to see to each other to find out if we are falling in love. I would like to know if he is my soul mate, why there are a lot of coincidences between us? Since I met him, all I read is about France, whenever a go I see or read something about France, is there a coincidence or not?


Your thoughts about him are probably what is drawing your attention to French things around you.  As for whether he is your soul mate, there is no way to tell just from these synchronicity events you share.  It could be that the mutual hope you both have for this relationship to work could be what is driving these coincidences.

I wouldn’t read too much into these similar experiences you are sharing with him. The real test will be when you two meet.



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