January 7, 2022
Ask Deepak

Intentions in the Gap.


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Hello, Deepak. I have read and still reading your book on synchronicity and seven spiritual laws. I’ve understood how laws work and the quantum physics as well. When I am meditating I go in the gap and then create my intent and then surrender it to the universe. I am a little confused about should I be doing that every time I am meditating? Or is it something that once I surrendered then I don’t create it again when am going in the gap? Thanks



If you are practicing a silent meditation, then do your intentions after your meditation. Your mind will be settled in the gap, that silent state of the self. Think your intention, and then allow your awareness to be again in that silence. That is what surrendering the intention means. After a few moments, reintroduce the intention and then again let the mind return to that restful quietness. You can continue this intention practice for a few minutes, and when you are done come out as you normally would after meditation.



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