August 11, 2021
Ask Deepak

Intention and Dharma.


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I’m writing to you from France. My question is about the convergence between our intentions and our dharma. In other words: is it possible that despite our deepest desires and most beautiful intentions the Universe has other plans for us? How mysterious and unfathomable can be our dharma? Can we control and influence our life’s purpose and consciously create the situations we want to manifest? Or do we depend on something utterly beyond us, not to be foreseen and that may be the opposite of what we really and profoundly intend?


If your intentions aren’t manifesting, it’s not necessarily that the universe has other plans for you. Your higher self and the universe are one. Dharma is not an external force of the universe, it is our own evolutionary force acting in concert with all the laws of nature. So if our intentions are not aligned with our dharma, it means that our ego-personality is clouding our deepest intent. Because our deepest desire will always reflect our dharma which is the development of our full potential through self-realization.



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