April 20, 2014

Integrating the Shadow.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


What does one have to do in life in order to grow and integrate the shadow and the ego because this ultimately makes one stronger? What causes the process of growth to occur? Does it happen with age or do we have to take action to confront our fears?


The shadow parts of our self are the feelings and memories that we have repressed and suppressed out of guilt, shame and fear. To heal them we need to bring them into the light, the light of our conscious awareness. That begins with stopping denial of them. From there we need to see them, and acknowledge them as a part of us, without judging them. This leads to self-forgiveness, emotional release, healing and eventually integration of those shadow energies into your larger self. The key to all of this is non-judgmental awareness. It contains the self-love and patience required for the healing process to unfold.


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  1. Aliza Zisman

    Awareness, self acceptance, forgiveness, love, opening to new possibilities, releasing old memories, giving, sharing, and action towards a new welcomed way of being, becoming and actualizing your dreams to reality!

  2. Daniela T. Garzon

    ¿Qué se tiene que hacer en la vida para poder crecer e integrar la sombra y el ego, porque este último término hace a uno más fuerte? Lo que hace que el proceso de crecimiento que se produzca? ¿Ocurre con la edad o qué tenemos que tomar medidas para hacer frente a sus miedos?

  3. Paul Baker

    I guess one has to be patient during this process of awareness.

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