October 8, 2020
Ask Deepak

Inner Princess.


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I’m struck by how many women I know carry the energy of “princessness’ they seem to be very at home in their femininity but also unconscious of how powerful  this is in bringing the positive attention of men to them and helpfulness. I work with young children and notice that this energy is often cultivated very young. I don’t have this energy myself in big way and find that if I put on “feminine charm’ I notice its positive effects on men immediately and feel very manipulative. I also feel like its “not me” . I actually have been without a partner for a few years & feel like to attract someone to me I need to embrace that energy more but also it feels like a compromise to my real self and I want to be loved for truly who I am. I wonder if  you may have any ideas about this?


The princess archetype is certainly alive and well in our society and no doubt the combination of prettiness, helplessness and vulnerability can elicit the shining knight archetype in some men to come to the rescue. The trouble with this little dance is that it is okay for meeting someone, but it does not make a good foundation for a deep relationship.

I don’t blame you as a competent, intelligent woman  for not being comfortable putting on this role. Realize that there are other feminine archetypes and role models that you can choose from that are more effective in attracting the type of man you really want, and still be true to your real self. Think of capable women you admire who have developed deep and loving partnerships. Look to them as your ideal, and model the energy that they embody.



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