October 31, 2011

Impacting the Soul.


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We say that the soul or our highest Self is the purest and the most perfect thing that exist. Yet, physical experiences on earth shape our lives in different ways. So is there an impact to the Soul if the individual is having a decent life filled with love and kindness, or one with anger and hatred? Is there a risk that the Soul becomes imperfect, after a negative physical experience here? And what would be the purpose of physical experience if our soul is already perfect?

Deepak's Response:

The higher Self in the Vedic tradition is called the Atman. It is our unconditioned self and so it is not changed or influenced by any of our life experiences. We do have a more relative aspect of our self which some people call the soul, and that does have the ability to record and be effected by our experiences. The purpose of our physical experiences is to provide the circumstances for us to awaken to the realization that we are our higher Self, and not limited our emotions, our thoughts and our physical body.

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