December 8, 2013

Imagination in Meditation.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak, What I’d like to know is: what do i do about my active imagination while i meditate? Often i have visualized many different things, from flowers unfolding to drops of water on leaves… they are mostly beautiful images but they keep blossoming up. I understand that i am supposed to let go of them and return to the mantra & my breath but why do they haunt me so? I fear if i avoid them during my meditations that I will not have time to embrace them throughout the rest of the day? i believe that they are often the source of abundant creativity… am i wrong??


These vivid images are the by-product of the deepening process of your mind settling down during meditation. They occur as you mind comes out of silence back into conscious thought, so they merely indicate that it is time to come back to your meditation practice and dive down to the depths of silence again. It’s okay to let go of these imaginations and return to your breath. You won’t lose any creative opportunities afterward. In fact, by letting them go, you are allowing yourself to re-experience the direct source of creativity in your higher self, and that is what will truly help you creatively the rest of the day.


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  1. Kiki Bird

    I keep thinking of fly fishing when I meditate :) then the forest usually overtakes my thoughts

  2. Anna

    Befriending Buddha is everywhere. Krishna Leelas are the worst to break free from. Because he is god, loving us. I said, Krishna, now is the time to return to the impersonal mind, please, I can`t stand distractions. And he disappeared. And I was fine. My lessons were actually witnessing those distractions. At high and deep levels, sometimes it is more real than we think, being called to learn or enter even heaven with a guide. Where many things are learned, written, found and needed. No desire and no aversion. Let things happen and flow. Training the mind we have to learn to break free but sometimes we need the illusion to live to heal more. Or understand. Lotus flowers in bloom with lotus dew, could be rhe enjoyment body in tantra, Deepak. That happened to me and led me to crazy realizations. Love....

  3. Beheading Buddha

    IS Deepockets a millionaire yet? Sure many times over :-)

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