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I have a question concerning illumination, because I know it’s THE main goal we must reach in life, even if most people don’t even know about it. Correct me if I’m wrong, but illumination brings ultimate happiness, which is what all humans really want. So the question is: How can you reach it? Yoga is one way to be illuminated I guess, but is there any other way?  I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for months and months, I know sometimes it takes years, but I’ve learned that some people “gain it” without even meditating. It’s not that I’m impatient, but I’d like to be guided better. I’m a student at college, so I don’t necessarily have the wealth to pay my happiness to yoga classes, so I figured I could read the book you wrote, The seven spiritual laws of yoga. I’ve tried all the practical parts, but I did not feel any different, maybe only slightly calmer. My friends don’t even know the benefits of that “art”, so I feel like I’m the only one trying to reach for something almost impossible. We live in a world so stressed out, were everything is moving very fast, so I have the sensation of been out of my mind, like been in a sort of prison with so many bad influences. I would appreciate your advice.


Illumination brings freedom from delusion and ignorance and that reveals the happiness inherent in existence. The happiness of enlightenment is a pervading sense of completeness, fulfillment and peace, rather than a kind of hyper-positive emotion that you may be associating with the term “ultimate happiness.” There may be some who have not had to spend years meditating for this awakening, but they necessarily have had to prepare their mind and physiology to sustain the experience of enlightenment in some other way that is not obvious. Otherwise, their experience of illumination would only be a brief flash of light, not a real transformation of consciousness.

Continue with your meditation, and don’t worry about the time factor of how long it will take for your illumination. It will happen when it does. Don’t think that you can’t be happy until you are enlightened, because that goal-oriented view takes you out of the present moment where your happiness is always available. The trick is to enjoy the journey to freedom along the way, and when you get really good at that, you understand that that is the goal you have been seeking.



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