November 19, 2021
Ask Deepak

If Knowing Our Self Is So Easy, Why Is It So Hard?.


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I have always wanted to ask this question: If it is actually so simple, non complicated and our true nature is the strongest vibration we can be in, and the best for ourselves. And since nature generally, if not always knows exactly what and how to react to assure its own perennity. And since we are nature, Why Oh Why do we have to work and make an effort to go back to our real self through techniques and exercises? Why did we further our own selves from our true nature in the first place since it is not what is best for us? It is a point that I don’t understand. Since everything is so logic and simple, why do we make the mistakes that put us in discord with this original self, in the first place? Why aren’t we all Just enlightened right away! without needing to work and practice and search and study etc.


If we didn’t have free will and make short-sighted choices that then turn into habits and patterns of thinking, then you are right, we wouldn’t need any guidance in reconnecting to our native intelligence. But we do have free will and we have made decisions from limited awareness, and the consequences of those actions have led to the engrained mental conditioning that has as if imprisoned our unlimited Being. So meditation and other spiritual practices are a way of reconnecting to our true source, breaking the bonds of the psychological barriers, and awakening us to the knowledge of our true nature (whose latent presence has been there all along).



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