September 15, 2023
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How can I meditate through intense, physical pain?.


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“Dear Deepak, My question is about meditating on emotional pain and healing. 

I have practiced meditation for many years. 

I used to be completely identified with the emotional pain that I have but I believe I have let go of some of it. 

Now when I meditate I feel an intense pain in my solar plexus, heart, and throat. 

It’s really difficult for me to just watch it and not wish it away. 

Do you have any advice on how to meditate on this pain, please? 

Several years ago I started to get what I later learned to be kundalini symptoms with surges of energy in my spine and other parts of my body. 

It feels like the energy gets blocked in my heart and sometimes it’s like my heart is about to burst out of my chest. 

Do I need to understand what this pain is about in order to heal? 

At the moment I’m not sure what it is about and how to find it out. Thank you in advance for your help.”



If the emotional pain in your body is too intense to easily meditate, then stop thinking of the mantra and let your attention be with the physical sensations in your body.  

You can also let the cycle of your breathing be associated with the area of your body where the sensation is strongest. 

Don’t focus on the emotional discomfort or get caught up in the interpretation or analysis of what might be going on. 

Your easy attention to the physical sensations will help facilitate the emotional release and healing that is going on in your body. 

You usually don’t need to analyze or figure out the history or the story behind the pain. 

And trying to understand it can sometimes keep the mind separate from the body and therefore not help the healing process as much as it could. 

If an explanation or insight into the pain is necessary for a full healing, then that insight will come spontaneously at some point later in the process.  

For now, allow your awareness to neutrally be with the physical sensations whether they increase or decrease in intensity. 

Eventually, the sensations will subside and it will be easy to think of the mantra again. 

You can resume meditating at this point to finish up the remaining time in your meditation.



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