July 26, 2023
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How do we know if we are meditating properly?.


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How do I know if I am meditating properly? I know that having distracting thoughts are okay as long as I come back the mantra easily, but sometimes at the end of mediation I wonder what has actually happened. I feel nice afterward, more relaxed, but I still don’t know if it should be different.


You know your meditation practice is correct if you do not strain or concentrate to think the mantra. That means it is easy and natural. The mantra should be thought as lightly and casually as the next random thought that pops into your head. Additionally, proper meditation means you do not hold on to a clear and distinct version of the mantra. As the mind moves to more expanded states, it is natural for the mantra to change, to become vaguer, more diffuse, garbled or even nearly indistinguishable. That’s still good repetition of the mantra. You don’t need to bring it back in a sharp exact way. That can pull the mind back out of the deep place it was going.

If you are thinking the mantra effortlessly and not resisting thoughts, then you are meditating correctly, and you can evaluate this by how you feel after meditation during your daily activity. If you feel more relaxed, alert, and considerate, then you are getting the benefits of your meditation.



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