November 3, 2023
Ask Deepak

How do we hold on to good feelings during meditation?.


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“Dear Deepak, For a number of years I have tried to follow your suggestion of simple meditation focusing on breathing for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes late in the day. 

I don’t always reach a totally calm level or reach a full 20 minutes but I more or less receive the benefits I am looking for. 

One thing that happens repeatedly is as my mind starts to slow down, I feel a quick “surge” or “rush” through my head & neck area almost like a low-level electrical “jolt” that lasts only for a second. 

I notice it when I arrive in “the gap” for a split second and this “surge” is strong enough that I physically jerk a bit the moment I experience it and this in turn sort of interrupts/changes my focus. 

It’s to the point that I am very familiar with this momentary “surge/jolt” experience and I can almost summon it at will even when I am not meditating. 

The interesting thing is I can only hold it for a second or so and it is always during a short “gap” moment. 

Can you explain or comment on what you think might be happening and is there a technique to prolong or hold this “surge” experience? 

Although it only lasts a moment it is a deep/profound experience I would like to further cultivate and see where it goes. 

I am sure you know precisely what I am describing so any suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated. 

Thanks so much for your work. It has helped me immensely.”


Don’t interpret this jolting or surging experience as something special or valuable. 

It’s merely the physical by-product of some normalization happening in the mind/body complex. 

If you favor it or anticipate it, you can easily induce it, but then it won’t be the result of a natural, organic experience.

It’s best to not give any importance to these physical movements or feelings during meditation. 

Let them come and go on their own while you easily attend to meditation. 



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