August 1, 2023
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How can I balance my vata dosha?.


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Hi Deepak, I’m a vata-pitta dosha prakriti in terms of my Ayurvedic body type, and had a raging vata imbalance I’ve recently corrected, mainly by giving up a long standing addiction, and some dietary changes. For years I was quick moving, somewhat scattered, always had a raging appetite but never gained weight, full of suppressed anger but also excitement and energy. Now I still eat like crazy and am getting fat, having acne breakouts and feel dull and slow. I have deep sleep now, after years of hardly any, but just feel so blah. I miss my vata feeling, I consider starting smoking again, I don’t like feeling my pitta, if that makes sense. Last night in a dream I wore a shirt that said, “I wish I was a kapha”, and I do, but I have hardly any kapha qualities. Any thoughts or advice at all would be greatly appreciated.



The symptoms you describe- weight gain, dullness, lethargy and heavy sleep, are all indicators of increasing kapha dosha. So you may be fulfilling a version of your kapha dream after all. To help move toward balance and return some of the positive features of Vata that you miss, eat lighter foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, less cold, heavy or oily foods like dairy, nuts, red meat and starches. Include stimulating spices like pepper, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon and cloves. Try to go to sleep earlier so you can wake up early in the morning. Make a point of getting some exercise every day. Invigorating dance is a good alternative as well. If you do these things, you will bring back the good aspects of Vata, the enthusiastic energetic qualities that you are missing.



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