August 17, 2023
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How can we learn to accept our shadow self?.


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Dear Deepak, I have been practicing some spiritual practices such as chanting mantras for specific purposes, doing meditation etc. for my own spiritual evolution. As a result, what has happened recently is that I have come face to face with my own shadow side. I realized that whatever I see in others that I don’t like is somehow a part of my own personality as well. This realization is weighing me down and I wonder if my life will ever be the same again. I want to be the truest and authentic expression of myself but I am scared at some level. Please help me in navigating through this phase and any advice on how to find complete acceptance of myself will be of great help.



Our shadow self isn’t bad or evil. It’s just the part of you that has been acting in the dark, away from the light of awareness. We push parts of our self into the dark because we don’t know how to incorporate them into our larger self. That lack of acceptance and integration is what has led it to act without guidance. Once you accept and honor it, you will heal and reclaim that part of you. Then you will feel whole, integrated, empowered and light-hearted. It is your fear and judgment of the shadow side that makes it scary and burdensome. When you embrace and reunite the shadow side with your conscious self you are no longer at war with yourself, and you begin to act as a fully functioning, complete human being. Life becomes much easier, lighter and more enjoyable.



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