January 2, 2024
Ask Deepak

How long does it take for someone to experience their karma?.


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Why is it that sometimes we have to wait so long for those who have hurt us to receive their Karma? 

Does Karma wait until the person or persons have too much loss, and is karma delivered by the laws of the universe or God, or both?”


Karma simply means all action in the universe, thoughts, feelings, and physical actions. 

It is neutral. 

You are thinking of karma as a form of personal retribution. It’s true that karma has a function in restoring balance in the universe. 

The reason why you have to wait is that your perspective of what constitutes justice or balance is different and more limited than the comprehensive awareness of cosmic intelligence. 

Also, the timing of the universe’s actions is unfathomable and is not based on anyone’s sense of rightness or fairness. 

Karma is the chain of action and reaction driven by the mental laws of cause and effect. 

Ultimately all action and its timing are coordinated for the evolution and the needs of the individuals involved and for the universe as a whole. 

It is the intelligence of the cosmos itself, not the job of a deity.



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