December 18, 2023
Ask Deepak

How do we embrace our True Self?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“Intellectually I understand that consciousness is the ground of all being and all other principles you teach. 

I practice meditation, try to live a mindful life, and take time to reflect upon myself. 

Although I do all this, there is some kind of resistance that I feel when it comes to embracing/accepting these principles. 

Upon reflecting on why it seems like I am demanding evidence before I can fully embrace it. 

I don’t know but this could be because of my conditioning living in this world. 

When I think, maybe the materialists are right, I reject that thought from the core of my being, I don’t even have to try too hard. 

I believe there is meaning to life and why we are here. 

I also understand from your teaching that it’s the experience of the divine that gives me the evidence. 

Then how do I get over the hurdle that demands the evidence in the first place? 

What is my real obstacle and how do I overcome that to fully embrace and appreciate the truth?”


Given your strong understanding that your true Self is not defined or limited to physical matter, I am not sure that it is scientific evidence that you are looking for. 

You are certain of your core identity as consciousness. 

It is the deeper development of your experience of the Self, beyond intellectual understanding that you long for and that is what you feel is an obstacle to the truth. 

This is a good stage of development in your awakening. 

It means you are ready for this inner Self to find itself outside in others and the world around you. 

Now you will begin to expand your knowledge and sense of Self into your everyday experience. 

When the unlimited consciousness of meditation is recognized in the unbounded quality of your raw sensory experience of your body and world, then you will begin to know your true Self with a certainty that is unassailable to conventional materialist arguments.



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