January 5, 2024
Ask Deepak

How can we manifest our dreams with the least effort?.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


“I’d like to be a self-help author and motivational speaker. 

I have dreams for myself and they are not simply ego-based, but dreams which are deep-rooted in the divine blueprint. 

I want to use the law of least effort to manifest these dreams, but I do realize that hard work is also involved in creating content and a community. 

What would you recommend that I do to increase synchronicity, serendipity, and the conjuring of divine ideas to help manifest this dream?” 


Increasing synchronicity and manifesting power is based on increasing your connection to your true self. 

That is the source of the power and creativity of the universe. 

Once you realize that unlimited universal power is your own Being, all you need to do is be alert and receptive to how that will manifest through you. 

You will be guided, just listen and respond.



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