February 8, 2024
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How can we manifest forgiveness?.


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“Is there a way to manifest forgiveness with someone else? 

In the case of a broken marriage where one partner left. 

The other partner has asked for forgiveness for her errors (taking him for granted); and has forgiven him for abandonment. 

Is there any way to manifest forgiveness; and a second chance of forgiveness? 

How does one manifest a fresh start?”


Forgiveness is not just letting go of resentment, anger, and vengeance, it also requires that we can release our insistence on our perception of injustice. 

That limited perspective is the basis for our emotional response, and we need to recognize that this view is creating a toxic negativity that is only hurting our Self.  

If we allow other valid viewpoints of the same experience, we can begin to let go of that feeling of injustice and healing will start automatically.

 But forgiveness is something only you can do. It is very personal. 

You can’t orchestrate it or manifest it in another person. It has to unfold when the person is ready. 



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