April 11, 2024
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How can we learn to speak our truth?.


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“I am in my 50’s, and for as long as I can remember speaking my truth has been problematic. 

I have never really learnt comfortable ways of speaking my truth and am either direct or blunt or I dance around the point to the extent that what I am trying to say is unclear; murky for the listener and often lost. 

Either way, after speaking I feel a pervasive negative energy not about the content of my message but rather its delivery. 

I would love to hear your tips for how to speak your truth in the 21st Century.”


Speaking one’s truth is simply expressing how you feel from your true self. 

It’s not about how it is felt or understood by the listener, but how well you are able to express what you feel inside. 

So to make your self-expression more smooth and coherent, don’t worry about trying to explain yourself in terms of why you feel what you do. 

If expressing your feelings seems incongruent with the surroundings, it may be that most of what you are feeling is something you are already carrying around inside. 

So first understand within yourself what it is you are feeling independent of the circumstances. 

Identify that and then determine whether that feeling is something that you need to follow through on your own, or whether it has a relevant contribution to the situation you are in that triggered it. 

If it does,  figure out how your contribution helps illuminate or expand the situation. 

Once you know that, you can frame your expression to support that contribution. 



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