March 15, 2024
Ask Deepak

How can we control our ego during spiritual evolution?.


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“I have been doing meditation for a year now and I have been doing Yoga for many years now.

I am also an avid reader of your works and other great names. 

I was feeling a real change in my perception and a grip on the ego, which I could feel had put me on a higher vibration and all that comes with it. 

However, I am experiencing a relapse into what I thought I had put behind me and it is a bit alarming. 

I am experiencing bouts of jealousy and anger and I don’t know where they are coming from. 

Or rather I know that it’s coming from the ego part of me but I thought I had overcome that part, it seems not. 

I would like you to explain why this is happening, how to get past it again, and if I do get past it will it come back? 

I really need some insight because this is like a vicious circle and I feel like it is getting a firm hold. “



I suspect the changes you felt in your ego from your practice of meditation and yoga were real.

I don’t think the resurgence of anger and jealousy is really a relapse as much as it is an uncovering of a new, deeper layer of emotional conditioning that your spiritual practices have revealed so that it can be dissolved and healed. 

This is often the cycle of spiritual evolution; we clear a certain layer of conditioning and then experience a consequent expansive state of awareness that may feel so good that we think we are finished. 

With the exposure of this deeper, rawer, and sometimes more intense feeling/behavior, we may feel we have regressed to our former reactive ego self.

Instead, it means we are working on the next stage of awakening, which is bringing us ever closer to our unlimited, unconditioned self.



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