November 29, 2023
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How can we balance exercise and spiritual practice?.


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“My question has to do with the balance of spiritual and physical fitness. 

It seems to me that early morning is a significant time of opportunity. 

Yoga, meditation, and nature walks would seem an ideal way to start the day from a spiritual standpoint, to tune into one’s Self, and to connect with Nature and the Universe. 

However, I also find that morning is when I am most inclined to want to do traditional Western “workouts” (cardio, strength training, etc.). 

Morning is the time I really want to sweat as I feel it helps me to detoxify. 

The problem is, to me, yoga/meditation/nature walks are meditative and spiritual (or, at least, that is my intention); whereas, “cardio” is just something I enjoy or want to do to enhance my physical fitness or help me to maintain my weight. 

The two feel a bit opposed, so it’s been my inclination to split them up. 

I’ve tried doing cardio in the morning and yoga/meditation in the evening; however, I have more trouble “connecting” in the evening and the yoga feels more like exercise than a spiritual endeavor. 

Typically if I reverse it and do yoga in the morning, I feel too tired by early evening to do cardio (plus I have a hard time sleeping if I do cardio in the evening). 

I wonder if you have a suggestion as to how to get the most out of the early morning hours and how to balance a desire to incorporate both meditative and Western physical fitness practices into one’s day? Thank you.” 


This may not be practical for you, but if you can, wake up early enough so that you can do both in the morning. 

Begin with meditation and yoga asanas to take advantage of that quiet and fresh time of day to connect deeply with your Self. 

Then ease into your cardiovascular exercise. 



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