February 16, 2012

Helping Others.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Dear Deepak, I liked very much your article about worrying. I just have one question that may turn to be a whole new topic, but considering what you wrote there, I'd like to ask you – how do we know when we have done all we can to help the people we're worrying about?

Where and who draws that line? Because I feel as if there is always what more to be done – and more and – and this tiny voice inside that's saying that you haven't done enough… For example – relatives who are financially bad – very bad – so – do I have to feel guilty about me – having more than them – and do I have to share what I have with them – this is in general I mean. Because I don't want to feel guilty that I can afford to buy myself something for fun for instance, knowing that they don't have that chance and thinking that if i gave these money to them instead of buying for me – would be better. Things like these. How and when do we know when if we have done enough? Another situation – a person that is not very healthy – a very close one – you've tried to make t hem look for alternative way to feel better and eventually cure themselves – but they don't hear, or you know they're in a bad company – it's all about adult people – and still they are not able to see it. So, when do we give up on them – figuratively – and hope and trust they'll be ok? How do we know we have done enough? I'll appreciate very much if you can help me with this!


Helping other people is an expression of the fullness we feel inside, and in that sense when we give to others we are giving of ourselves back to ourselves. That feeling of giving freely and joyfully should be the real basis of knowing where to draw the line. If you let your sense of guilt or obligation drive your decision, then you will be trying to fix the past in the present, and that never works.


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  1. drdsharesakey

    For me I know I have helped another as much as I can within my humaness..when I`ve laid the beautiful universal spiritual kit of principles before them coupled with the physical resources available to them.. That`s when I pray and ask the Universe for acceptance and practice the serenity prayer.."accept the things I cannot change..others..change the things I can..me... and have the wisdom to know the difference"

  2. Valery

    In the realm of duality we cannot help nobody. you will each time be confronted with the same feeling of opposite in this case your Joy opposite to others suffering. when you turn on the light in a room where others are in the darkness. you dont take away your light to turn it on. you simple turn on the light and the darkness disappear in the room. and the light is there for everybody. you are not the creator of light. light is there and is there for everybody. compassion and wisdom always compass together as a pair.

  3. Christine

    You are not helping them by helping them. When they are miserable enough they will go within and change. You are not responsible for them. The only one you can change is you. You have and they don`t. What exactly do you mean by that. When you are a thing you need things. Do you feel sorry for them because they don`t have things. I have a friend who is `financially bad` according to her. Whenever we get together she complains that she doesn`t have money. We left a restaurant because she told me it was too expensive. The prices were within the normal range in that small town, yet, she didn`t complain about her daughters hair salon visit that morning, dying her long hair 2 different colors. She complaint that she doesn`t have money for food for Christmas while I watched her buying gift cards at a cosmetic place for her daughters, sending them to Hawaii for 3 weeks, getting them $300 spa treatments for their birthdays. I can go on and on. She has no gratitude. Don`t listen to people`s whining. Their perceptions of their life`s circustances are wharped. I used to want to help people because I used to belief them when they griped about their circumstances. No more. They need to pull themselves out of their own ditches that they dug for themselves. If you help them you weaken them. You always have to clean up your own mess, that`s the law of attraction.

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