March 20, 2013

Healing Childhood Abuse.


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I was misused by my uncle when I was 7-8 years. Now I’ m 40 years old. Sometime I feel sad and low. I could not tell anybody that time. Then at the age of 10 I saw my mother with a cousin in a relationship. It was hard and I became afraid. I did not understand it. I didn’t have the courage to tell my papa because I thought it would destroy our family. Everyday I was full of hate for this cousin. It was tough to share my mom with him. She gave me no attention and love then. Now I’m over it but it hurts me in my soul. I don’t know. I know I’m not responsible for this, I know nobody is responsible. Is this is my karma? I paid for something? How should I finish it now so that I can live my present life with my family in peace. It is very painful now for me. What should I do to heal this pain?


To heal this kind of childhood trauma, it will be important for you to talk with a professional counselor who has experience in these matters. I don’t think you are over this as much as you think you are. You are right to see that you were not responsible for their actions. But I don’t agree with your comment that your uncle, cousin and mother weren’t responsible either. They certainly are responsible because they made their choices as adults. Don’t concern yourself with philosophical issues of karma, focus on healing what has happened so that you can move forward freely and without this deep pain.


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  1. ferry08

    When a child is physically or emotionally violated by an adult, especially by someone the child knows very well, the trauma that is caused is almost indelible. This is because the child is vulnerable - he/she lacks both power and experience, whereas the adult possesses both. So the scar from these kinds of childhood -traumas can be hidden, but never completely erased. However as an adult, the once- violated -child, can heal the self by: 1.First understanding and internalizing that he/she had no fault in the event that occurred, and that the adult was the sole perpetrator. 2.Talking through it again and again with confidants and professionals, until recalling the experience is less painful. 3. Working in areas with children with similar experiences. Time and experience are the best healer :)

  2. Failed at Marriage

    Dear Dr Chopra, Before my marriage my wife was raped that led to an abortion. She never went through any counseling. After marriage she told me of this, I tried to make the marriage work by ignoring her often hatrefull words and actions as a deep impact of that misfortune. I professed her my love when I could but never got any in return. We have kids that have kept me around even though she never tried to understand me or work with me on the marriage, we tried counselling which she stopped because she thought I had turned the counsellor against her - the counsellor told me two years ago that I was in trouble as she has issues that need to be resolved. Fast forward three years she has filed for divorce because I have not been the man she wanted.. I feel miserable for my younger kid as she needs my attention. I do not know what you could do in this situation, maybe I am just letting my worries out in the world so someone else may not go through my misery. Failed at Marriage.

  3. Ajanta Judd

    great response

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