November 5, 2019
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Harmony at Home.


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I am a lecturer in a  government college. My wife is complaining type personality and want everything to be done perfectly, and also very sensitive, she 29 years, and suffering from diabetes, and my parents are old, and they live with us, and there is no coordination between my mom and my wife. My wife manages a private school started by me and my friends. My mom though lives with us, though she does not sympathise with our busy schedule and always criticises my wife in front of others. My father is paralytic. 
Regarding myself, I feel suffocated in these environs, I want a calm, peaceful and stressless life, I am a little spiritually inclined and want  to gain lot of knowledge about myself and the world. I have done two ten-day courses of Vipassana meditation. I want to leave all this behind and want to go for searching my inner self. But I don’t want my family members to be in trouble also. I want to live a life of bliss and happiness.


The way forward to peace and freedom is not in escaping from your family responsibilities. Your path is to take the power and strength of the self-knowledge you gain from Vipassana meditation to bring a sense of direction and organization to your family life. You should not tolerate your mother harassing your wife in front of others or in any circumstances. You need to make that perfectly clear.  Let her know that you understand she doesn’t like your busy schedule, but that’s just the way it is right now and that it is not helpful to continue criticizing and undermining you and your wife with her disapproval.

Sit down with your wife and listen to what is bothering her beyond the everyday hassles of life.  Ask how you can help. Explain that you are looking for a way for everyone to get along more harmoniously at home.  Tell her what you have done in that regard and other ideas that you think would help. Then ask what ideas she has for what she could do to help. If she immediately goes into what others should do, bring her back to the question of what she can do. Creating a peaceful home is not going to happen on its own, it is going to take everyone’s support, and you as head of the household must take a leadership role to get everyone on board and make it happen.



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