July 5, 2021
Ask Deepak

Happiness through Others.


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Hi Deepak – Do you think one should find their happiness in creating happiness for others? I have always strived for my own happiness from my own growth, achievements and skills etc. But my partner has always maintained that happiness comes from other people, essentially making me feel like I have to give up what I want. Because I have linked my happiness to what I want, I am therefore unhappy. Where do you think we find happiness?


Even those who find happiness through serving others are actually finding happiness through their own self-interest and desire. It’s just that they feel they are growing and living their purpose by doing that kind of service. It’s not that everyone has to do that type of activity to be happy, it just happens to be the appropriate activity for their happiness. A painter or artist who pursues their vision of beauty and creative expression may seem to be a selfish pursuit, but an artistic creation can also be a selfless gift of beauty and joy to millions, inspiring and lifting their lives. If you live your spiritual purpose, it will bring you happiness and it will be of benefit to others. Because when you live your dharma, your every thought and action automatically supports the whole of creation.



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