June 15, 2021
Ask Deepak

Guilt About Moving Out.


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I really need some assistance and would appreciate some feedback. I come from a modern Muslim family but my parents are still observant of the orthodox view of the children living in the same house as them and starting a family in the same house. I don’t agree with that view because since I was a kid I always believed in being on my own and starting my family and calling them my own. I also have a girlfriend with whom I would like to share my apartment with. I financially support my parents and upon moving out I will still take care of most of their major expenses while my brother who lives with them can help with the less expensive costs. In some ways I feel liberated with the feeling of moving out and being on my own with someone I would love to share the rest of my life with and then in some ways I feel guilty for leaving my parents, who have always pulled guilt tricks. Please guide your lost child. I visualize and pray that you will respond.


You haven’t said how old you are, but if you are able to financially support your parents I suspect you are old enough to move out. Clearly you have given this a lot of thought and it is important to you to make a family life on your own. It seems to me your mind is made up, it doesn’t seem likely that you would be comfortable living your life along your parents expectations of staying in their home as you start your own family. So the question is how do you get them to accept your decision? You have to convince them that this is a thoughtful, mature decision on your part based on knowing your core needs and that it is going to make you happy. If you act against your nature and try to live your life according to a tradition that doesn’t fit your needs, then you will not be happy and that won’t make your parents happy then either. Whenever they start laying a guilt trip on you, come back to this basic statement about you knowing who you are and what you need to be happy. Every parent only wants their child to be happy.



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