January 11, 2013

Grumpy People.


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I often have some grumpy people to deal with. Is there a way to sweeten and cheer them up or should I just let them be as they are and pray for them? Are they just there to show me my own grumpiness?


It’s not your responsibility to cheer them up. Just be who you are. That might lift up their spirits or it might not. They will derive whatever they need for themselves regardless of your behavior. Respect them and let them be.

If that is very difficult to do, or there is something about them that triggers you, then yes, their grumpiness may be a reflection of something inside yourself that you feel is grumpy and that you need to sweeten and cheer up. Otherwise, if it is just a minor distraction, then let them be and go about your business.


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  1. sam


  2. Paula Zoio Labat

    Live & let live

  3. Richard O. Aichele

    Very often the best help is to just listen to "the grumpy" with an open mind. "Grumpy" is very possibly simply disappointed, feeling alone and hurt. Take the time for a smile to "grumpy", the time to "hear" that person, take the time to recognize we are all only a few steps from becoming the next "grumpy. Do not walk away without at least a kind word and a smile. Richard www.livingbeterholistically.com

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