May 7, 2020

Grieving the Loss of One’s Mother.


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I lost my mother recently and am feeling absolutely lost. I find myself in 2 realities sometimes. I have no energy, my body feels tired all the time and I don’t know where I am going.

Please advise.



What you have described are all normal symptoms of grieving the loss of a close loved one. There is nothing wrong with you, and in the short term, you do not need to know where you are going, and you are not expected to have a lot of physical energy. Give yourself permission to let your life adjust to this major loss. Honor your mother’s life with positive remembrances.  Dwell on the gratitude you feel for the blessings of her love and guidance in your life and commit yourself to embodying  that love and making it a guiding presence in your life now. 

In time you will find your way again and you will again have the energy and will to make your life a powerful example of the love you share with your mother.



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