June 15, 2012

Grieving the Loss of One`s Mother.


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I lost my mother recently and am feeling absolutely lost. I find myself in 2 realities sometimes. I have no energy, my body feels tired all the time and I don't know where I am going. Please advise!


What you have described are all normal symptoms of grieving the loss of a close loved one. There is nothing wrong with you, and in the short term, you do not need to know where you are going, and you are not expected to have a lot of physical energy. Give yourself permission to let your life adjust to this major loss. Honor your mother’s life with positive remembrances. Dwell on the gratitude you feel for the blessings of her love and guidance in your life and commit yourself to embodying that love and making it a guiding presence in your life now.
In time you will find your way again and you will again have the energy and will to make your life a powerful example of the love you share with your mother.


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  1. Annabelle

    Please help me. My husband if thirty years left to be with someone he met on Facebook. He took all of our savings and left me with a huge house full of furniture etc. I cannot afford to move. I am renting. I am 62 and am so overwhelmed that I sm frozen. I am working as a psychologist but I don`t make enough to pay the bills. Can you help me find some positive framework to focus on? I`m still in shock after three yes. thank you.

  2. lostjenny

    My mom past away 7month ago , I got honor of taking care of her right up to the end I miss so much some day it even hard to breatu she visited me a couple times once At my uncle furnal and the other today in my dream I did not what to wake up I just want stay with her I have a great husband and a lovely family. And great friends but they just don`t truly understand how it hurts me . My dad died whenI was 12 years old and that when I started get drunk and high I have six years clean and sober now having a hard time try stay clean. Just need some advice on how to move on and stay clean please I need help

  3. Angelina

    My mother passed away 17,5 years ago and to this day I find it difficult to talk about. I avoid the subject as much as I possibly can. I don`t speak to people about it. This afternoon though, I ran into a girl who works in the store across from our store. We started talking about daily stuff, about our lives. Then she asked me with how many children we were at home. I said, altogether we`re with 5 children, well at first it was the three of us and the two little ones came later. She said, ooh then your parents divorced? I answered by saying no, my mother passed away when I was really young. Just like that. I couldn`t believe I just said that, I still can`t believe it. i never talk about it at work and this girl knows now. I think about my mother every single day, every part of the day.I relive memories, because I fear of forgetting her and forgetting certain events. It`s hard for me to talk about her, even after all these years. Like I said, I avoid the subject as much as I can, but I don`t believe that`s normal or healthy. It seems as if I don`t want to accept it. Sometimes when I hear a child calling her mother I burst out into tears. Something as little as that can upset me the entire day. I know myself and I also know I`ve been like this from the very start. I analyze myself completely and I`m honest and I keep telling myself it`s not normal. Maybe I should start talking about her and if someone brings it up I should be honest about it, like I was today. Maybe that will help me release some pain and anger. I`m extremely sensitive about it and I feel a lot of pain. I never liked to think about my future, because it`s hard to picture one without my mother in it. I get anxious all the time and I have a lot of fear inside of me too. I will never be able to share a moment with my mother, all the things daughters and mothers do, I will never be able do that, it will never happen. If in time, I`ll have a child, I won`t be able to give him or her a grandmother. All of this is difficult for me to accept. I`m afraid of achieving things, I fear my birthday because it`s another year that passed by without my mother. I keep myself busy all the time to try and cope with it. But I just miss her a lot. She is the only person I need and want in my life, I wouldn`t ask for anything or anyone else. But I can`t change anything about it and that makes me feel so helpless.

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