April 6, 2022
Ask Deepak

Good Food, Bad Food.


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Hello, I am on a diet to be healthier but I want to know why is food that is so delicious and irresistible (i.e. cakes, junk food, cookies) so bad for us and yet foods that are very healthy for us I just don’t like (i.e. vegetables). I am trying to be healthy but I just can’t stand foods that ARE healthy for us and I keep thinking about eating junk food and all the other ‘bad’ food and I don’t like this feeling. Part of me wants to be healthier and therefore stop eating junk food and cakes and eat more vegetables, good fibers but part of me just wants to give up and eat whatever I want whenever I want and feel since I’m not going to be in this body forever there is no point in trying to be healthy. please help, I am tired of feeling like this that I am becoming depressed. thank you.



Lifelong eating habits have shaped our desire and enjoyment of food around emotional and social needs and it has largely become disconnected with our simple sensation of hunger and what quality of food our bodies really want. In my book called What Are You Hungry For? I explain how with these poor eating habits we are usually feeding our emotional hunger, and not actual physical hunger. By becoming more self-aware we can learn to listen to what our real needs or hungers are and meet them with the appropriate nourishment.



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