April 11, 2023
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Good Deeds.


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Hello! My question is in regards to a good deed. I tried to do something good but was flat out rejected. I’ve been on my journey towards enlightenment for several months now and today I saw a homeless man, whom I see quiet often on the side of the road (I send silent blessings his way every time I see him). Today I was in a store right near where he was standing and my heart tugged at me to purchase a bag of necessities for him, so I purchased some food items, water, a toothbrush with toothpaste etc. And I packaged them up in a nice reusable backpack and proceeded to offer him the bag. This took a lot of courage on my part, as I was fearful of what his reaction would be. I didn’t know if he would be upset or angry and I knew that my ego was trying to get the best of me so I rose above it and proceeded to offer the bag to him. He rejected it and said that he was alright and didn’t need it. I’m not sure how to take this as I’ve always had a sensitive heart in wanting to help people. However I feel like this is a lesson and I’m just not sure what it could mean. Does this reflect something about myself? Did I go about this the wrong way? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated as I have always wanted to make care packages for the needy, but because of this rejection it makes me think that doing that is not the best approach. Thanks for your help in advance!


Your generosity and compassion shows that your heart is in the right place. The problem was you got hung up on the specifics of trying to anticipate what this one man needed and then feeling hurt and disappointed that your gesture and kindness wasn’t appreciated. 

Your selection of purchases was a reasonable guess, but if you really want to help this one man, then you probably need to ask him what you could do to help. Otherwise, you can always take food and toiletry donations to the homeless shelter and you can be sure they will be used and you will be heartily thanked.

You had a picture in your mind that your compassion toward this man would be reciprocated with his gratitude. It is simpler to just act on your compassion in a way you are sure will help, and then not worry about the gratitude or acknowledgment. On a soul level you have already been blessed and thanked just in the act of giving.



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