September 17, 2012



When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

"God" is an empty term except as it finds expression through the revelations of all the saints, prophets, and mystics of history.

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  1. Ron Greenstein

    The emptiness of the term, “God,” works out perfectly as most people of the world don’t wonder about God. Having to seriously contend with the true significance of God would only serve as a disruption in their search and struggle to attain limited worldly goals. When one becomes weary of the struggle, one may wonder about God, begin thinking about what God is. As soon as one’s questions about God, Truth, Reality become the driver of their sincere search, the emptiness begins to be filled in. Although infinitely patient, God is also infinitely longing to reveal Himself as one’s own True Self. Finding God and knowing God, especially through love of God, is the enterprise to which the saints and mystics devote themselves.

  2. RebelGuru

    "God" this term had positive therapeutic effect in the minds of people temporarily, the wisdom of the past saints did influence society positively, but yet it never really cured our mental ailments. Inspirational and motivational literature which we are still writing also has a limited effect. Humanity is in a serious crisis mentally, we have the ability to think in time and our brain has not evolved suitably to adapt to this brain drain, hence we have lost our sense of well being and unconditional innocence and awareness. Meditation helps an individual to correctly align his brain internally and each one of has to learn it diligently to somewhat cure our inherent defect.

  3. YourSoul

    Maybe that is true but neither one could force their way of living onto someone else. They may bring you to the edge... the rest is up to ones evolving self. And understanding the forces in nature, which all the saints, prophets and mystics did, is the only way for us humans to evolve....The Self Omnipotent Universal Lifesystem is the superforce and we just have to surrender to it....

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