October 6, 2012

God`s Mission for Me.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


I would like to know if you could give me some guidance. Lately I’ve been developing a lot more interest than the usual for both spirituality and religion. I just went thru a life changing experience and ever since I’ve been having more than one spiritual experiences. I’ve always been very devoted to God but perhaps over the last year and mainly more recently I’ve been feeling like there is a mission that I’m supposed to fulfill. I’ve been getting signs very frequently and I feel like there is a purpose for me to discover and this purpose involves a message and a change only I can make a reality because of my strong beliefs and faith in God and my qualities as a person. I just hadn’t been able to discover exactly what it is and for that I would like to ask for your help , maybe telling me how and where should I start my spiritual journey and the discovery of the mission God has for me.


You can be living your mission even if it is not clear exactly what that mission is. Sometimes we can confuse ourselves with our preconceptions that a purpose of mission needs to be something like move to Australia and write a book, or open a healing center using music. A mission can be just as valuable even if it never has a label or even if it seems like it changes every year or so. What’s important about following your purpose is developing a keen sense of listening to that spiritual guide within. Follow your divine light and you will be doing God’s mission.


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  1. Stella María Vásquez Osorio


  2. AbbyZ

    I have been out of love or should I say `in disappointment` with the Lord in the past. I managed to get back with him in resent years. I know what to do,that is teaching love and the Lords power through soccer to orphans or a reform organisation, but I dont know where to start.

  3. Baldev raj thukral

    Sorry to intrupt,sir you have very nicely advised to follow our purpose by developing a keen sense of listening to the spiritual guide with in,deepak sir what`s the practices to adhere `n` follow.secondly,may we know that we are on the right track.?

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