June 1, 2021
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God and the Law of Attraction.


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Is God real or is the law of attraction real? If we can use the law of attraction to attract whatever we want, then the concept of God and destiny are nullified. And if God is real, why does He not help the faithful? I refuse to believe that karmic debts stop God from helping us. What is the truth?


To answer your question requires two corrections. First, the situation is not either/or.  God can set up karma without sacrificing his omnipotence. After all, you can choose to run and jump and go to work without sacrificing the fact that your heart beats automatically, without your intervention. Free will and determinism, or fate, don’t exclude each other. They co-exist as different perspectives of experience. That feels very confusing, I know. A marionette on a string is totally controlled by the puppeteer, but if the strings are invisible — as Karma is invisible — the puppet would think he is free.

The second correction is that God is not a “he” or a person of any kind.  If you continue to think of God as a person, the actual reality of God is reduced to human scale, which is both narrow-minded and arrogant.  In the Vedic tradition, God’s infinity is perceived differently in different states of consciousness.  That is why the spiritual path leads to unity, because only in unity consciousness can God be perceived as one, as pure Being. In a lower state of consciousness, God becomes a projection of the human mind. Thus an angry God, a merciful God, a willful or judgmental God is nothing more than human nature looking at itself from on high.

If you can accept these two corrections — not that you must, of course — the so-called Law of Attraction, comes into focus. The attraction of like with like does exist. But so do many other influences. These can also be called laws if you like. There’s the law of giving, the law of reciprocity, the law of karmic return, and so on.  These invisible influences cannot be fully known except in higher states of consciousness. They are the unseen mechanics that steer our lives in ways we cannot fathom. Therefore, it’s best to act as if you have complete free will.  With that attitude in mind, you will accomplish more on the path than someone who waits for an invisible law or God to make all the decisions.



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