October 15, 2012

God And Ego.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

Where God is, the ego cannot be.

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  1. Karl

    God is Love. Remove the words and the arguments that we have about Jesus and what do we see as the essence of the inner message for the inner being. Love, not self-ish love. Love is an expression through me." I", the thing I experience as me, am made full, and whole when I love, create out of love, express love and when I am not selfish, self serving and self centered. Self (ego) is small and frightened in my core. But when this small frightened ego self) loves I am filled by the force of all creation. There is no me only in the form of love expressed via my unique character. Self awareness is the beginning of the inner awakening. God is a formless force manifest in all things and manifest in love expressed via humans. God is the unifying theory that informs all. God is not a noun God is a verb expressed and there is life. My best guess.

  2. Gallbladder

    God is not spelled GOD it is spelled EGO To the GUY writer every thing has EGO live or not LOL EGO defined as a person`s sense of self-esteem or self importance The part of the mind that mediates between conscious and unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and sense of personal identity EGO gives us permission to believe we are special superior it allows us to put things in catagories "THEM vs ME " it gives us permissiom to torture Kill degrade Humiliate To maintain our EGO we invent "GOD" to afirm we are special to say we are Better than the other creatures on the Planet it gives us permission to create God We are the chosen People My religion or God is better than yours Gives Countries the ability to say we are Superior to your country It gives us permission to slatter animals and abuse them (SUPERIOR EGO) It gives us permission for slavery it gives Men permission to treat women as lesser human beings it gives us permission to be Bigots and Racist we Invent god to confirm are Righiosness are reason for existing We tell our selves "That god made us we are special " this is our own EGO talking why are you as an individual so special to GOD or are you so special to yourself If you die today will the world change NO Are EGO tells us we are special and we are fearful " I " will end so we invent GOD and religion so even though the realit of life We will die The "I" EGO says no I am special We invent the Soul and the Soul Will live on and GOD will make that happen "GOD FOR BID I WOULD cease to exist" that would certainly defeat MY EGO

  3. that guy

    You do not need to go out there for YOU, listen to Jesus and follow the "map" and his directions. GIVE and it SHALL be GIVEN to you, notice, he didnt say anything implying that YOU need to make sure YOU get, he said GIVE and it SHALL BE GIVEN TO YOU. kill the lacking man knowledge, which we all suffer from but do not have to have it as final authority, as there is a higher authority, and GOD is a HE NOT an it, if and or when you get a relationship started you will see why GOD is a male force, and its nothing to do wuth men are better than women cuz thats clearly not an absolute. Wisdom, is a female force, and if you notice, a woman when she is.....proper, is very wise. They seem to have it in a higher dose than many men.

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