July 8, 2022
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Goal Setting.


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Dear Deepak, Thank you for your insightful answers that I am often reading for others’ questions, they seem to help everybody, in one way or another, since I think everybody experiences the same life questions every now and then which is one of the evidences that we are all One. Only our perceptions of that are different. My question is that I seem to not be able to set a goal in my life! I lack the ability of decision making as to what do I, or do I not, want; and, according to my perception, this is the major problem I have. Because, I believe that once you know where you are going, and what you want in life, the roads will be less important, and then you’ll be enjoying the journey no matter what! So, my direct question is how to know what my mission is in this lifetime? How to set a goal? Based on what?


Since you don’t have a clear set of desires or ambitions driving your life, your life direction may be guided more by a sense of moving toward actions that feel right for you at the time. This is a perfectly acceptable model for living as well. It means that you need to rely on a stronger knowledge of your true self. Once you know your real nature, your core self, then it is then a matter of recognizing what there is in your environment that you are ideally suited to engaging with and conversely opening yourself up to how that activity is furthering your own spiritual awakening. This template may be a better framework for you, rather than trying to set goals.



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