July 13, 2021
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Getting Started.


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Hello Deepak, my question is as follows: I have decided to change career paths in order to follow what I believe to be my true Dharma, which is teaching, counseling and guiding others! I’ve been a real estate broker for 10 years, but have always enjoyed TRUE joy when teaching and sharing knowledge with others, mentoring, or assisting others create new perspectives when in need. I’ve just never realized or considered it as a possibility as a career…The issue is that I’ve gotten out of my old career to pursue my passion, (which I thought was counseling and coaching others w/ psychology or life-coaching, etc.) but over the course of my journey, am noticing that it seems as if I am being strongly guided towards a path of spiritual enlightenment and encouragement.I’ve been on a sort of “sabbatical” for a few months, as it’s been nearly impossible to focus on anything but my spiritual insights. I’m soaking up knowledge like a sponge (both from external and internal sources), but I have trepidation putting it to useful action and effective use. I don’t know how to begin using my insight to assist others or incorporate it into a career where I am lead by this passion to encourage growth in others as I have experienced… I don’t know if I need to spend more time absorbing information and growing, or if I am just letting fear of unknown interfere with my desires… Ideally, I see myself writing, and speaking (much like yourself), but don’t know how to get started, or how I can be of value to others. Any advice or guidance would be of ultimate appreciation and heartfelt thanks!


The way to get started is to get started with a small action step—begin moving. You can put an ad in the local paper as a spiritual/career coach and get going. Once you start working with a few people it will become clearer what you have to offer to people and what they want. You can spend a lot of time waiting and trying to prepare before you get started, but once you do, you will still have to make that same determination, so you might as well get going now. Also, once you begin, you may determine that you want to take things in a different direction. So jump in and you will figure it out soon enough.



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