November 24, 2022
Ask Deepak

Fulfilling Wishes Through Affirmations.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


Hi Deepak, The biggest problem I have is that I am too much influenced by the past, misunderstandings, and the effects of negative people. Someone wrote a book and said people   shouldn’t undermine themselves, saying ‘I am stupid,’ ‘I made a mistake.’ They must say positive affirmations. Instead of saying “I want lose weight,’   say ‘I like exercise, and sports.’ Don’t say ‘I want big company, but I don’t have money,’   say I want to do some business.’  If people say positive affirmations their mind will start to believe it. He says if the goal is too big, they are not able start to do it. It is better to do little goals every day, learning, and working. It is better to do one goal, because the more goals they want, the less motivation they get for each goal. For example l earn by playing guitar, piano, violin.

People should often say positive affirmations, you say and wrote it too. But he said they should do some action, affirmation without action is delusion. Maybe people are often influenced by media, their negative news, comments. Negative comments by colleagues. I wonder how often people should say positive affirmations, because it seems that they don’t realise that they are now influenced by negative people, and media. They try ignoring it, but they feel frustrated, because they feel some problems are not solved.


The skill of fulfilling one’s desires requires 3 things: intention, letting go, and abiding in pure awareness. Most books on this subject tend to put all their focus on the intention or desire. They craft the language of the affirmation so that it is positive and engages one’s behavior. My approach to fulfilling desires is to place the greatest emphasis on cultivating pure consciousness because that is the field of energy and intelligence from where the desire will be fulfilled. Frankly, the desire or affirmation part is easy and automatic. The simpler the desire better. And the letting go part is self-explanatory, you just stop thinking about your desire and be still. But the stillness of awareness is what most people are lacking, and that is why their desires are frustrated. It is not the impact of negative people, it is because their self-awareness is not deep and strong enough yet to support their intentions.



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