January 9, 2013

Forgiving Infidelity.


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Dear Deepak, I don't know who else to go to. The man that I love slept with someone else. I forgave him and we are back together. But it hurts. I have dreams and pain and things I do not want to feel. I have extreme anger with the woman. I think violent things about her and have violent dreams of things I am doing to her. I am not a violent or angry person. How can I ease this suffering and not let this anger consume me?


The pain you are going through will ease up in time. Right now the hurt is still too raw. Even though you have forgiven him, there remain deeper layers inside you that require further healing and that can’t be rushed. Eventually you will get to the place where you can find a secure and strong place inside where you can let go of all sense of revenge and blame. In the meantime, be patient and easy with yourself. Don’t judge yourself for your angry thoughts, just know that these feelings are passing through and out of you as you are healing. This means you do not need to take those thoughts seriously or think of acting on them.


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  1. Truthsayer

    I agree with "Monday". That was really horrible to call that woman in grief that name and to write that post. You owe her an apology as far as I am concerned. I will pray that you get not only real "Commonsense" but also compassion and respect for others in emotional pain.

  2. Dolly

    Hi Commonsense 101, Your reply is spot on. But you could have been a bit more sensitive in your response. Not every one is strong. I have just found out my "adorable" BF was about to go on a secret holiday with an ex-gal friend. I found out just in the nick of time and chucked him out the day before he flew out. Yes it hurts and it is painful. Luckily I only knew him for a few months, and that was enough - lucky escape - the f***** liar and cheat.

  3. Truth

    Common sense.you are clearly an insecure and wounded person, when you find yourself attacking someone in a very vulnerable place, like a betrayed spouse, you must ask yourself why you have gone for such an easy win. You must feel ashamed of yourself?

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