July 7, 2021
Ask Deepak

Forgiving Father.


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I have been working on my spirituality since I was very young, I realized that actually I knew some things before I read books about spirituality and that. I feel I need just one more step to develop all my potential and that is to forgive my father, I really need and want to forgive him but I can’t find a way, it’s like I don’t even want to think about it although I know it is not good to me to feel angrier or other bad feelings to him. Have you ever had to forgive someone? How did you do it? Do I have to see him after I forgive him? I don’t want to judge him because I know we are all one, but he hurts me with his words every time I see him, and I want better things than that in my life.


To forgive someone you have to go beyond the mental conception of “we are all one.” You must experience that connection on a soul level where you can recognize that the pain and ignorance that led them to commit their act is a pain and ignorance that you have also experienced in some way. That ignorance is something that all humanity has in common and when you truly feel that, you will know that everyone is doing the best they can given their level of awareness. This is the birth of real compassion for all human life. That includes your own life, and that is why when you get to the heart of forgiveness you are actually forgiving yourself. That is how you know you have gotten to the bottom of forgiving another, when you have forgiven something in yourself that you hadn’t even realized you were judging yourself about all this time.



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