August 21, 2020
Ask Deepak

Forgiving and Forgetting.


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If I dream repeatedly of revenge against someone who wronged me a long time ago (though I thought I had forgiven, forgotten and moved on and never did consciously think of him), does it mean that the inner wounds were never healed? Is it a process of healing, through meditation, that these wounds are revived? How do we come to know that healing is complete? I started meditation about two years back and I had been feeling contented and happy till these dreams started.


It’s hard to be definitive where interpreting dreams is concerned, but it does seem likely that dreams of revenge indicate that your efforts at forgiveness did not fully penetrate your subconscious mind. So yes, the inner wounds were not fully healed. You know that the healing is complete when you no longer harbor anger, guilt or blame toward yourself for every being in that situation. That means that you forgive yourself and no longer judge yourself harshly. And don’t feel bad that these dreams indicate that you have more healing to do on this issue. Take it as a loving reminder that there is more work to do and that now you are in a greater position of strength where you can now forgive yourself and really move on.



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