March 5, 2021
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I have a question concerning forgiveness. It is written everywhere that true inner peace cannot be attained until one is able to forgive those that have wronged them. My marriage ended very badly and I am finding forgiveness to be impossible. Sure I could tell her that I forgive her, but my heart knows otherwise. Perhaps the real question is: how do I let go of the anger in order to truly forgive? Won’t false forgiveness without true intent just negatively manifest in our future inevitable interactions? There is a child involved, hiding is not an option.


You are right that you can’t rush forgiveness or push yourself past the hurts you haven’t yet healed. To attend to your emotional pain as best you can and get what help you need to assist you in that process.  Be patient and gentle with yourself during this healing and let it take the time it needs. When the hurt does not feel quite so raw, the place to start with forgiveness is in forgiving yourself. You need to find a way to forgive yourself for letting this experience happen to you. Right now behind the blame  you feel toward your ex, there is the judgment against yourself that you are a victim, and that a great injustice has been done that you don’t deserve. Whether in the final analysis you were wronged or not, what happened happened and holding on to the self-image of yourself as a victim blocks your ability to come to terms with reality. And that is what forgiving yourself is all about, accepting reality as it is without judgment or blame and then creating your new reality from there.



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