September 20, 2022
Ask Deepak

Following Guidance.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


What do you do when rational thought tells you something is obsessive, not realistic, and almost silly but intuition and guides won’t let up? I gladly give it up to divine will but just when the feeling seems to have let up, there is another coincidence, another unexpected occurrence, situation or connection.
What do you do when intuition and guidance is insisting that there is something bigger here, more universal than the two people involved, and keeps asking you not to walk away… that there is a deep healing vibrational energy that is possible here and needs to take place for the benefit of all souls. 

Sounds grand, doesn’t it? but it makes me feel…. I don’t know, just sort of ridiculous and somewhat foolish. I mean, everyone has free will and obviously you can’t force someone to accept your friendship. So why is this intuitive feeling so relentless when there would seem to be nothing I can do about it, especially without embarrassing myself
any further? I don’t get it.
I realize I am speaking in generalizations. The actual issue is deeply personal and still kind of painful. So what do you think…. why does strong intuition and spirit sometimes
guide us in a way that makes no sense for this lifetime?


Often our greatest challenges require us to let go of our reliance upon logic and social sensibilities. If our growth toward becoming a self-reliant conscious spiritual being only led us to make decisions that were externally rational, then we would never learn to listen to our inner guidance would we? Just make sure that your feelings on this matter are genuinely coming from your higher self, and not from your ego mind. If you feel a deep sense of peace about what you are doing even though you may not get exactly what your mind wants, then you are probably acting from reliable guidance.




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