April 15, 2015

Finding Consciousness.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.


My question is how I can find my consciousness and what should I do to find my inner self and inner light.



Meditation is the time-honored practice for self-realization. Strictly speaking we don’t “find” our consciousness, we are consciousness. In the moments of non-thinking during meditation, that light of awareness that is always there, is revealed to itself. The self, recognizes itself in a simple, quiet, matter-of-fact way. The self knows itself by its own light, the light of consciousness.



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  1. EagleNebula

    I'm so tired of hearing this happy-clappy, "I'm so deep," self-aggrandising bullshit. People are writing to this adolescent, fake guru, not because they really want help, but because they want to show everyone how absolutely wonderful and lovely and enlightened and clever they are. They make a big show of it. They want to impress with their pointless knowledge of Indian yoga terminology, as if it somehow makes them better people. And Deepak knows this. He doesn't need to do anything other than repeat similar, positive sounding phrases and rub his hands as the money rolls in. Meanwhile, real scientists are working hard to gain an education, test their theories, create experiments and try to— oh, why do I bother… If it makes you happy, then knock yourself out.

  2. TheBleedinObvious

    Maybe Deepcrack can help me find my conscious— Oh, wait! Here it is! In my head.

  3. Koos Nolst Trenite 'Cause Trinity'

    Dear Deepak, Nice to talk to you now. You do a lot of good work out of a good heart. Now - I have some (hope-springs-eternal) inkling - you might be ready and willing to actually define Consciousness - in practical and truthful terms of experience - of what decreases, alters, or increases it: Connection type Life Energy Particles do produce and maintain Consciousness or Awareness. The unknown is, when is it, that you are willing to let go of obviously deeply immersed ideas from India that serve (to HIDE) the Sociopaths who destroy, pervert and block Consciousness, and its very simple Definition - since millennia, especially in India - (serving to HIDE the Sociopaths). Wholly their opposite, and arguably the most Loving and most Beautiful, and most Intelligent and Truthful spirit on Earth and well beyond, I do remain yours faithfully etc. etc. etc., Koos Nolst Trenite - (pron. 'Cause Trinity') human rights philosopher and poet http://www.angelfire.com/space/platoworld

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