April 29, 2013

Finding Balance.


When your mind and heart are truly open abundance will flow to you effortlessly and easily.

What an overweight person needs, in order to break out self-defeat, isn't a new brain, a better metabolic set point, or balanced hormones. The answer doesn't lie in these factors, they are secondary to something else – balance. 

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  1. Ron Greenstein

    Perhaps the grand daddy of all of the world`s illusions is that more of a "good" thing and less of a "bad" thing is always to be sought, the goal. But the simple truth, which even a child can understand, is that just enough is the truly practical goal. Thus, a better approach is tinkering with more or less as a way of maintaining the goal of just enough, also known as balance. An exception to this may be love of God and one`s fellow beings.

  2. Adam Momme Secher

    Dear everybody I have read all these comments with pleasure and what is balance all about: 1) Of cause the right job or you stimulate your self in other ways: Food, sex, beer / booze, etc. (I know and for me food / candy / chocolate) 2) Food but our food is most of the time out of a factory not from nature 3) Too much meat, oh you need protein, no but amino acid from fruit en vegetables, it's only a scam to produce meat you don't need it. 4) Milk then, also no you get a good calcium from nuts, yet another scam. 5) To much desk job and you get mental tired but not physical and can't sleep, result = sleeping pills. [So you can see you'r most of the time not in physical balance how on earth can you then be in mental balance when all this clogging up your system.] 6) And commercials show you what you should not buy (think about that) makes you only confused not happy and in balance. But I think that you, Deepak is right about what you'r saying and I am looking forward to read your new book. Greetings Adam (a big fan)

  3. Raj Padia

    We take our physical self for granted... instead of respecting / listening to it . Kindly have a look at my page, if you like it support us by clicking on "like" / share with friends & help us grow ... thanks and have a nice day :) https://www.facebook.com/RajPadiaPhotography

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